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NZ Hemp Brokers is a leading industrial hemp (iHemp) wholesaler and New Zealand’s only specialist hemp broker.

We believe in putting hemp back onto Kiwi farms as a high-value commodity and championing hemp’s potential as a functional food and sustainable manufacturing material that can change lives, improve animal health and repair the environment.

With the help of our partners Kākāriki Hemp Processing and our extensive national and international networks, we provide a single ‘seed to sale’ platform for the entire hemp production chain, from research, growing and processing through to brokerage and sale.

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What our customers say:

Chris is an absolute legend with a wealth of knowledge on industrial hemp and always willing to take the time to help others. He has been a massive help to me and my partner as we worked to obtain our licence. We are going to be trialling hemp on our dairy farm this summer and are beyond excited about our new venture.

~ Sarah Gibson

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