About Us

Hemp is undoubtedly the future of sustainable farming and high value commodity production.

NZ Hemp Brokers was established by Chris Woodney with the goal of growing New Zealand’s industrial hemp (iHemp) industry and linking licensed local growers and manufacturers with trusted international buyers.

We share your passion for hemp’s time-honoured agricultural tradition and the positive difference it can make as a sustainable farming crop, nutrient-rich food source, and highly versatile fibre for construction, clothing and myriad other textile uses.

From our headquarters in Rotorua, New Zealand, we have quickly grown to become one of the country’s most trusted industrial hemp wholesalers and New Zealand’s only import/export ubroker specialising in hemp products.

We work closely with partner company Kākāriki Hemp Processing and Far North Hemp to provide a one-stop shop for people involved in industrial hemp growing, harvesting, processing and exporting. Our ‘seed to sale’ approach means we are involved in all stages of the production process and using all parts of the hemp plant, from the roots to the tip.

We offer consultancy services, processing advice and machinery, brokerage to link growers and manufacturers with our extensive international network, and workshops for people interested in hemp as a sustainable and high-value crop. Our online store stocks a growing range of hemp products, from hemp balm and seeds to stock feed and pet food.

NZ Hemp Brokers is licensed by the Ministry of Health to grow, trade in and process industrial hemp. We are registered brokers and are certified in hemp medicine by the NZ Hemp Foundation. Our operations are environmentally sustainable and permitted under New Zealand law.