Allopathic vs Naturopathic

Allopathic vs Naturopathic

Naturopathic and Allopathic Medicine – have you wondered what the differences are? Which should you use and when?

Naturopathic medicine concentrates on “Finding the root cause of a disease and using natural remedies to cure the disease.”

Allopathic medicine focuses on Palliation. “Palliation is to relieve or lessen without curing.”

Diabetes 2 is a good example.

Allopathic: If you have diabetes you could go to a doctor and get palliation via insulin shots. The doctor allows you access to a drug that can bring down the blood sugar levels in your body. It doesn’t fix the damage the sugar is doing but it mitigates the symptoms, so you don’t notice the cumulative damage, until your aortic valve caramelizes into toffee and breaks under the stress of everyday living, manifested as a heart attack.

Naturopathic: If you have diabetes the Naturopath will find out why and help you develop a lifestyle to defeat high blood sugar permanently using medicinal herbs and lifestyle changes.

Naturopathy also focuses on treating the person as a whole being.

Another example: You present with a heachache.

An Allopathic Practitioner (eg. Doctor) will give you an Panadol or a stronger pain killer.

A Naturopath (eg. Ayurvedic Practitioner) will find out the root cause perhaps you are just dehydrated and need to hydrate.

Naturopathy also focuses on the fact that everyone is an individual and therefore one person’s medicine may be different to another persons even if they present with the exact same symptoms.

Most countries in the world use an Allopathic Medical System because it is very profitable for the Medical Fraternity and the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex. It means you alleviate symptoms but your patients are perpetually sick and ‘need’ expensive drugs.

The ethnic medicine of India is ‘Ayurveda’
The ethic medicine of China is ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine’.
The ethnic medicine of Tibet is ‘Sowa-Rigpa’
The ethnic medicine of New Zealand is ‘Rongoa’.

Ayurveda is the oldest and still functioning medical system in the world first appearing in 5000BC. The first prescription appearing on parchment written in ancient Sanskrit.

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