Consultancy and advice for growers

Hemp is the future of farming.

Hemp cultivation is cheap, simple, durable and more environmentally friendly than traditional grain crops. It provides an alternative to straw, in addition to the bulk grass or corn, in a cow’s diet.

Cows that eat hemp give more milk and are healthier. In the long term, this leads to increased life expectancy and greater efficiency. Hemp is safe for consumption by cows, as plants contain a maximum of 0.5% THC (as a comparison, marijuana can contain up to 20%).

Hemp is a drought resistant crop and can be rotated effectively to allow dual-use of land for both hemp growing and dairy farming. It can be planted on tainted land, unsuitable for many other grain crops, and used for the production of textiles, or seed crops for industrial oil production. Hemp is also used to remediate tainted soil.

New Zealand farmers are in a strong position to capitalise on the growing worldwide demand for hemp and hemp products. We have an unparalleled reputation for agriculture worldwide. Our production cycles complement that of populous northern hemisphere countries such as the United States and Canada, making us an attractive proposition for hemp industry leaders in those countries looking to secure year-round supply.

Our consultancy service is available nationwide, and can provide advice and support with licensing, growing (eg, seeds and cultivars to use based on region, temperatures, sunlight, elevation), nutrients and fertilisers, Ministry of Health crop testing, crop rotation periods, decortication, pest management, processing and distribution.

We understand the importance of sustainable agriculture and plant science and have enlisted industry leaders with proven permaculture growing history in New Zealand conditions, from organic to biodynamic and beyond, to support our farmers.

If you’re serious about farming for the future with industrial hemp, we’re serious about helping you. We can arrange it all, allowing you to get on with what you do best: farming.


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  • Consults can be done via zoom or in person at Chris’ office 
  • Cost $220 GST exc
  • Consults include licence application (best if you have filled out as much as you can and have scanned a copy so that Chris can go over with you)

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