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Kākāriki Hemp Processing

The industrial hemp (iHemp) industry is only just beginning to explore better ways of harvesting and processing crops to produce the range and quality of hemp-based products available.

Our hemp processing is managed through our partner company Kākāriki Hemp Processing. Director Andrew Bell has significant knowledge of, and experience with, good manufacturing processes. He has experience in dairy farming and is passionate about offering New Zealand farmers the opportunity to add value to their current practices by growing hemp, and minimising risk by allowing them to hire equipment and test the value hemp brings to their existing farming operations, without the need for significant investment in processing machinery.

Hemp Processing Equipment

We sell and hire hemp processing equipment, including seed sorters, seed cleaners, bottling machines, oil machines, de-hullers and pallet extruders. Training on the use of the machinery and Standard Operating Procedures are included in the cost to hire.

Seed grading: Our hemp seed grader makes it easy to sort your hemp seed stock to isolate different sized seeds for specific purposes. For example, larger seeds for hemp hearts and smaller seeds for hemp oil.

Oil press and packaging: With the direction of our operator, our three-piece hemp oil press can obtain up to 25 per cent more oil from your hemp seeds, keeping the nutritional profile intact. We are also able to assist with bottling your oil.

Seed dryers: Once the hemp seed has been harvested, it needs to be dried quickly, before it starts to deteriorate. Our regulated hemp seed dryers allow for fast drying at correct temperatures to achieve optimal results.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how NZ Hemp Brokers can assist with your hemp processing needs, contact us to discuss our ‘process your first seeds for free’ offer.

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