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Linalool is a naturally occurring terpene found in HEMP and many flowers and spice plants. The scent is floral with a hint of spiciness. The natural origins and pleasing scent has meant that linalool is used in many commercial applications. It has been widely used as a scent in soaps, shampoos, and hand creams. It is also widely used as an additive to cleaning materials and detergents to add a natural scent. Linalool is a very widely used terpene and it has also found uses  as an insecticide for fleas, fruit flies and cockroaches.

Aromatherapy specialists use linalool for it’s anti-anxiety effects. The claims for anti-anxiety effects are supported by research. Studies on mice looked at the effect of linalool regarding aggression, anxiety (anxiolytic effects) and social interaction. The mice exposed to linalool showed less aggression and less anxiety, allowing easier social interaction. The research paper ends with the comment that “These results strengthen the suggestion that inhaling linalool-rich essential oils can be useful as a mean to attain relaxation and counteract anxiety”. 

Linalool also makes the immune system more resilient to the destructive effects of stress. Stress causes a shift in the distribution of white blood cells in the body (i.e., the cells of the immune system); the percent of lymphocytes decrease, and neutrophils increase. In rats, linalool prevented this shift, and in doing so, prevented the stress-induced changes in how the rats’ DNA was expressed. Interestingly, the authors reasoned that this protection was mediated by linalool’s ability to activate the body’s parasympathetic response, which is activated when the body is resting and digesting food, thereby fitting with linalool’s anti-anxiety effects

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